Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is over

With the carefree days of summer winding down, I decided to take my Noodle to our local park for an afternoon of splish-splashing in the fountain. As always, he was the loudest kid there, squealing with delight every time the water shot up.
I did notice something odd, though.
Every little boy in the fountain took great, um, satisfaction in standing directly over the spout and letting the water shoot straight up their shorts.
Odd, right?

I am glad, though, that school starts on Tuesday. I love my Noodle but I get nothing accomplished when he is home. He has never been a kid that likes to play by himself so it is impossible to sew or clean when he is awake. Plus, he really likes to help me with what I am doing. Have you ever tried to sew with a toddler on your lap? Well, let me tell you - it is impossible!

But school starts Tuesday. I feel somewhat embarrassed to admit that I am excited about it! I have been anticipating the three days a week that I will get six blissful hours of uninterrupted sewing and cleaning. Well, mostly sewing :)

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