Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

Yeah! It's the first day of school! My Noodle was so excited, he practically ran out the door. All he has talked about the last few days is his friends. He kept telling me that his friends missed him. Ahhhh, how cute :)
The Noodle really loves school. I think it is because he is an only child, without even any cousins near his age. He is such a friendly child, never hesitating to play with any kids at the playground or in church. Most of the kids in his class are the same as last year but there was a new boy today. When the new boy was walking in to the classroom, my Noodle was waving and saying "Hi, friend!" Sweet, right?
And, this was lunch on the first day:
I've recently become obsessed with bento lunches after stumbling upon this blog. Since we needed a new lunch box anyway, I thought I'd give the bento thing a try. The Noodle had crackers, turkey sausage bites, cheese, orange slices, and yogurt covered raisins. Yum!
And, with school starting, I can finally get back to sewing!
In the little spare time I've had over summer break, I've been working on some new designs for my FALL COLLECTION! Sounds fancy right? The new stuff will be hitting the shelves (so to speak) of my Etsy store in September. But you can get some sneak peeks on my blog in a few days!

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