Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth

It is no secret.
I double heart all things Disney.
As a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, my family took a yearly vacation to the House of Mouse.
I have tons of happy memories, a lot of funny memories, and even some grumpy memories.
Come to think of it, the grumpy memories are actually funny memories now.
And now that I live in Central Florida, I get to make so many memories with my Noodle.
Seeing the World through his eyes is
Today we went to MGM Studios (yeah, I'm old school....I still call it MGM) to see the Festival of Dancing Lights.
Millions of lights decorate the Streets of America.
Just Beautiful.
I was feeling a bit black and white today
so I took all my pics that way.
I think it gives them an interesting effect.
My Noodle thought the flying angels in the pic below were spiders.
At this time of year, it is not hard to tell the difference between the tourists and the locals at Disney. The weather today reached a high of 75 degrees.
Chilly in the morning and evening.
Locals wear jeans and flip flops.
Tourists wear shorts and flip flops.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Sale

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Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sunday, November 22, 2009


I was in heaven this weekend!!
I went to Renningers Twin Markets in Mt. Dora for the Antiques Extravaganza!
It was fantastic....row after row of vendors sell all types of things.
Some vintage. Some not so much!

I love Fiesta Ware...with the simple shapes and bright colors.
This vendor had miles and miles of vintage Fiesta Ware.
In my next house, I will replace all of my dishes with Fiesta Ware.

There were a lot of vendors selling pieces of architectural salvage.
I bought myself an old window frame that I am going to use as a sign for my booth at shows.
I'll be sure to post pics when I finish my project.

I loved the frame in this picture. And I thought the picture of the girl and cow was adorable. But it was priced at $75....out of my price range. I admit, I don't know anything about antiques. I just buy the things I like. But I am always afraid of overpaying. Maybe I will do some research before my next trip to Renningers.

There were also many people selling chicken houses. I thought they would make great storage bins but I was so afraid that no amount of scrubbing would totally remove the chicken poop. And I just couldn't bring myself to put something poopy in my car.
But now, as I look around my house, I see so many places where a chicken coop would be totally perfect. Isn't that always the way?

And finally.........
this pie safe was SUPER.FLY.FANTASTIC!

Friday, November 20, 2009

All Smiles Today

After nearly four months, my hubby is coming home from Texas!
The only grey cloud in my day is the fact that he was laid off.
But, we have been good little savers so we have our rainy day fund to fall back on.
Which still STINKS.
You know, it is so hard to get money IN the rainy day fund that I dread taking money OUT of it.
But our family will be together again and that makes me very happy.
And the extra parent around to watch and play with the Noodle will give me lots of extra time to replenish the "store shelves" in my shop.
Things are a little bare given the success of my recent shows. I sold so much stuff over the past few weekends that I find myself sewing 'til all hours of the night.
Not complaining, just saying.
Well, I am off to color my hair and shave my legs before I see the hubby this evening!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Weiners in Orlando

There are more dachshunds in Orlando than people!
Now, I don't have the official census statistics or anything, but I am pretty sure I saw a
bazillion of them this past weekend.
Standard ones and mini's.
Short hair and long.....and a few wired ones, too.
Red and black; dapple and piebald; and even some chocolate colored ones!
They were everywhere I looked.
Some wore bandanas, others had frilly dresses, and a few had sunglasses.
It was silly, crazy and cute.
I shared a booth with my mom and sister at the Lake Eola art and craft show this weekend and there were A LOT of people who brought their dogs. But hands down, there were more weiners than anything else.
Here are a few pics of my booth.
We had purses and wallets, aprons and tea towels, quilts, and little girl hair accessories for sale. My sister does the hair accessories and she sold BOODLES of them!
She has practically nothing left.
And we have another HUGE show this coming weekend.
I am sure that she will be burning the midnight oil this week :)

My mom and I make all of the other things in our booth.
Our sales were UNUSUALLY slow.
And disappointing.
We introduced several new fall and winter styles...some made with fabulous micro suede.
And they are gorgeous!
But, sadly, no takers.
But the most frustrating part of the weekend was the show itself.
We are new to the craft show thing so we had never done the Lake Eola show.
But, we heard great things about it.
The show is big, well-advertised, and juried. And the organizers stressed that all items must be hand made by the exhibitor.
But I was disappointed to find many booths reselling things like knock off Coach and Vera Bradley bags. Or the black tank tops with crystal designs on them (three different booths, all the same items). And some things were obviously handmade....the quality so poor I am suprised that they made it into a juried show.
Well, I guess I just wanted to rant and get rid of my frustrations. Thanks for listening :)

I feel better now......I am off to sew some new things for this weekend!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

I know, I know, I know......

It's been a long time.
Sorry I haven't written....... Life just seems to have gotten away from me.

Seriously, it's not you......... it's me. Because I'd tell you if it were you. Really. Truly.

But now I am going to write to you everyday. Well, maybe not EVERY day, but certainly every week.
Honestly, I'll try to be good and tell you funny stories and show you fabulous things.
I swear......PINKY swear!