Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth

It is no secret.
I double heart all things Disney.
As a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, my family took a yearly vacation to the House of Mouse.
I have tons of happy memories, a lot of funny memories, and even some grumpy memories.
Come to think of it, the grumpy memories are actually funny memories now.
And now that I live in Central Florida, I get to make so many memories with my Noodle.
Seeing the World through his eyes is
Today we went to MGM Studios (yeah, I'm old school....I still call it MGM) to see the Festival of Dancing Lights.
Millions of lights decorate the Streets of America.
Just Beautiful.
I was feeling a bit black and white today
so I took all my pics that way.
I think it gives them an interesting effect.
My Noodle thought the flying angels in the pic below were spiders.
At this time of year, it is not hard to tell the difference between the tourists and the locals at Disney. The weather today reached a high of 75 degrees.
Chilly in the morning and evening.
Locals wear jeans and flip flops.
Tourists wear shorts and flip flops.

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