Monday, November 9, 2009

Weiners in Orlando

There are more dachshunds in Orlando than people!
Now, I don't have the official census statistics or anything, but I am pretty sure I saw a
bazillion of them this past weekend.
Standard ones and mini's.
Short hair and long.....and a few wired ones, too.
Red and black; dapple and piebald; and even some chocolate colored ones!
They were everywhere I looked.
Some wore bandanas, others had frilly dresses, and a few had sunglasses.
It was silly, crazy and cute.
I shared a booth with my mom and sister at the Lake Eola art and craft show this weekend and there were A LOT of people who brought their dogs. But hands down, there were more weiners than anything else.
Here are a few pics of my booth.
We had purses and wallets, aprons and tea towels, quilts, and little girl hair accessories for sale. My sister does the hair accessories and she sold BOODLES of them!
She has practically nothing left.
And we have another HUGE show this coming weekend.
I am sure that she will be burning the midnight oil this week :)

My mom and I make all of the other things in our booth.
Our sales were UNUSUALLY slow.
And disappointing.
We introduced several new fall and winter styles...some made with fabulous micro suede.
And they are gorgeous!
But, sadly, no takers.
But the most frustrating part of the weekend was the show itself.
We are new to the craft show thing so we had never done the Lake Eola show.
But, we heard great things about it.
The show is big, well-advertised, and juried. And the organizers stressed that all items must be hand made by the exhibitor.
But I was disappointed to find many booths reselling things like knock off Coach and Vera Bradley bags. Or the black tank tops with crystal designs on them (three different booths, all the same items). And some things were obviously handmade....the quality so poor I am suprised that they made it into a juried show.
Well, I guess I just wanted to rant and get rid of my frustrations. Thanks for listening :)

I feel better now......I am off to sew some new things for this weekend!


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