Friday, November 20, 2009

All Smiles Today

After nearly four months, my hubby is coming home from Texas!
The only grey cloud in my day is the fact that he was laid off.
But, we have been good little savers so we have our rainy day fund to fall back on.
Which still STINKS.
You know, it is so hard to get money IN the rainy day fund that I dread taking money OUT of it.
But our family will be together again and that makes me very happy.
And the extra parent around to watch and play with the Noodle will give me lots of extra time to replenish the "store shelves" in my shop.
Things are a little bare given the success of my recent shows. I sold so much stuff over the past few weekends that I find myself sewing 'til all hours of the night.
Not complaining, just saying.
Well, I am off to color my hair and shave my legs before I see the hubby this evening!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about the loss of the job but congrats on hubba hubba hubby coming home. Must be a wonderful feeling. Have fun!!