Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My super fabulous treasure shop finds!

My sister and I love to go to our local treasure shop. We make a weekly trip and usually find some fabulous things and great bargains.
But I scored some SUPER FABULOUS things this week!

My favorite thing is this cake carrier.
It's okay if you didn't know what it was at first. I didn't. My sister had to tell me...she bakes/cooks and I don't. The main section (the one with the flowers) holds a round layered cake and the blue sections at the top and bottom hold pies!

And then I found this brand new-in-the-original-70's-box awesome fondue pot. Can you believe that this was never used? Everything was still in the plastic wrap! Unbelievable, right?

And I also got this cute retro chip and dip set. How clever!
And it kinda sorta matches the wall color in my kitchen!
Okay, that is a bit of a stretch but it is still perfect :)

Now, my sister and I are planning a 70's themed family dinner so that I can use my latest treasures. I'll make the chips and dip and let my sister the chef tackle the fondue and cake. That's fair, right?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

Yeah! It's the first day of school! My Noodle was so excited, he practically ran out the door. All he has talked about the last few days is his friends. He kept telling me that his friends missed him. Ahhhh, how cute :)
The Noodle really loves school. I think it is because he is an only child, without even any cousins near his age. He is such a friendly child, never hesitating to play with any kids at the playground or in church. Most of the kids in his class are the same as last year but there was a new boy today. When the new boy was walking in to the classroom, my Noodle was waving and saying "Hi, friend!" Sweet, right?
And, this was lunch on the first day:
I've recently become obsessed with bento lunches after stumbling upon this blog. Since we needed a new lunch box anyway, I thought I'd give the bento thing a try. The Noodle had crackers, turkey sausage bites, cheese, orange slices, and yogurt covered raisins. Yum!
And, with school starting, I can finally get back to sewing!
In the little spare time I've had over summer break, I've been working on some new designs for my FALL COLLECTION! Sounds fancy right? The new stuff will be hitting the shelves (so to speak) of my Etsy store in September. But you can get some sneak peeks on my blog in a few days!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer is over

With the carefree days of summer winding down, I decided to take my Noodle to our local park for an afternoon of splish-splashing in the fountain. As always, he was the loudest kid there, squealing with delight every time the water shot up.
I did notice something odd, though.
Every little boy in the fountain took great, um, satisfaction in standing directly over the spout and letting the water shoot straight up their shorts.
Odd, right?

I am glad, though, that school starts on Tuesday. I love my Noodle but I get nothing accomplished when he is home. He has never been a kid that likes to play by himself so it is impossible to sew or clean when he is awake. Plus, he really likes to help me with what I am doing. Have you ever tried to sew with a toddler on your lap? Well, let me tell you - it is impossible!

But school starts Tuesday. I feel somewhat embarrassed to admit that I am excited about it! I have been anticipating the three days a week that I will get six blissful hours of uninterrupted sewing and cleaning. Well, mostly sewing :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Too funny!

Well, I guess summer is coming to an end.
My Noodle starts pre-school on Tuesday & I thought I would make him a special nap time mat.

I made a trip to my local quilt shop and found this great pattern. I am going to use some fabulous and funky fabric from Michael Miller and I'll be sure to post pics of my completed project.
But here's the funny part:
While standing in line to get the batting for my project cut, I overheard the following conversation:
customer to friend: "I think this color will really stand out from the road."
friend to customer: "I think so too. Are they all going to have one?"
employee to customer: "What are you making?"
customer to employee: "I am making clothes for the geese in my yard."
employee to customer: "How do you catch the geese to put the clothes on them?"
customer to employee: "Uh, they are concrete lawn statues."
WHAT! Did this lady really think that the customer was going to make clothes for live quacking, biting, pooping geese? Are you kidding me?
I couldn't help but laugh - out loud. My mother and I had a good giggle when we left the store.

Monday, August 10, 2009


So my life right now is a little bit crazier than normal.
With my husband working out of town for at least another month, things at home are a little topsy-turvy. My husband has only been gone ten days, but I have already missed one garbage day and one recycling day. My grass has grown out of control. My dogs look at me and ask "Hey lady, where's my dinner?" as I forget, AGAIN, that they need to eat too! My dishes pile up, my laundry remains unfolded, and my floors need mopped. We've been getting ready for the school that starts next week. And trying to squeeze in some potty training and end of summer fun. I am working on some new designs for the fall collection in my shop and sewing until all hours of the night to get ready for my upcoming shows. Whew....I am exhausted! I miss my husband (and all of the help he gives around the house) and I will be so happy to have him home again in a few weeks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

August Promo

The August promotion for my blog followers is FREE SHIPPING! Yeah, FREE SHIPPING!
Any purchase made in my etsy store from August 1 to August 31 qualifies for free shipping within the US. Orders shipped outside of the US qualify for shipping at half off the regular fee.
Here is the fine print:
You must follow this blog.
You must tell me in the Notes to Seller section that you are a follower of my blog.
Happy Shopping!