Monday, August 10, 2009


So my life right now is a little bit crazier than normal.
With my husband working out of town for at least another month, things at home are a little topsy-turvy. My husband has only been gone ten days, but I have already missed one garbage day and one recycling day. My grass has grown out of control. My dogs look at me and ask "Hey lady, where's my dinner?" as I forget, AGAIN, that they need to eat too! My dishes pile up, my laundry remains unfolded, and my floors need mopped. We've been getting ready for the school that starts next week. And trying to squeeze in some potty training and end of summer fun. I am working on some new designs for the fall collection in my shop and sewing until all hours of the night to get ready for my upcoming shows. Whew....I am exhausted! I miss my husband (and all of the help he gives around the house) and I will be so happy to have him home again in a few weeks.

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