Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teacher Treats

Ever have one of those "Oh no!" moments?
You know, the kind where you ask yourself "How could I forget that?"
I had one at almost midnight last night.
I realized that the Noodle would be going to his last day of school before Christmas break
and I had no teacher gifts ready.
But a quick search through blog land and my problem was solved!
All with stuff I had on hand!

I snagged this idea that I found wandering here.

The Noodle has three terrific teachers, each blessed with infinite amounts of patience.
I guess they have to, working with three and four year olds.
I know I could never, ever be a pre-K teacher!

1 comment:

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing that link to the cute bags on sew mama sew, I don't think I took the time until you mentioned it to look at all the variations! Fun! I totally know what you mean about remembering a gift at the last minute, that was me last night with my daughter's school.