Monday, December 7, 2009

Say What?

I love doing craft shows.
Even with the hassles of sewing like mad to stock my booth,
ironing for hours to remove every last wrinkle,
packing up and toting around all of my inventory and display pieces,
I really love craft shows.
I share my booth with my mom and my sister,
so we get to spend hours chatting.
There are always some interesting people to watch.
And then there are the odd conversations with customers.
I usually have at least one person ask for a fanny pack.
For real? It is 2009!
Sometimes I get people looking for organizer pouches to hang on their walkers.
Seriously folks?
At my last show, a lady asked if I sold adult bibs.
Recently, a customer browsing my booth spotted this bag, and told me she too loved Amy Grant fabric.
Really? I wasn't aware that the 80's Christian singer had a line of fabric.
And my sister gets the weird questions too.
She makes hair bows (and sells them here -check it out) and her stuff is fabulous!
It never fails...someone asks her how to make korker bows.
Or how to make a woven headband.
Don't be lazy people....just Google it.
At the last show, she had over 400 bows.
And a customer asked "Is this all you have?"
Ummm, yeah.
Yep. I double heart craft shows.
Do you?

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