Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Fun

I love Christmas.

Except for the crowds.

And rude, frustrated people.

Oh......and traffic, too.

But, really, I love Christmas.

It is so awesome to watch my Noodle discover the magic of the season.

And it is funny to see what he remembers from last year.

As we walked our neighborhood looking at Christmas lights last night,

he remembered which house had the giant snowman.

And which house had the nativity with "Baby Jeje".

But my holiday rituals have changed too.

My tree no longer has the ornaments beautifully and evenly spaced.

Instead, my precious ornaments are carefully hung on the top branches

and all others decorate the bottom half of the tree.

Because even an artificial tree needs to be trimmed up with a fake Home Depot saw.

And we are starting some new family traditions, too.

My local grocery store had these super cute gingerbread house kits

marked down to $2.99. Seriously, $2.99.

So we made a "gingerbread man house".

And we got STICKY.

We might possibly have snuck a few pieces of candy.

But our house turned out darn cute, right?
Every day with my Noodle is an adventure.
Full of memories and smiles.
I love Christmas.
And, I love my life.
Merry Christmas!

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