Friday, July 31, 2009

You know you are getting old when....

the kiddie rides in Happy Harbor at Sea World make you feel queasy!
Boy, those Jazzy Jellies really kicked my butt,
but my Noodle could have spun the afternoon away!
My husband left today for a job in Texas :( He'll be gone for about a month and that is a LOOOOONG time for my Noodle. After my husband drove away, my little guy kept saying "I want my daddy back." His little heart was broken!
So, my sister and I took the Noodle to Sea World as a distraction. And it worked! Instead, he became focused on riding the roller coaster.....for which, of course, he is too small.

He stood on his tippy toes to try and fool us!

But the seat does not lie!

And, he really loved the turtles!
We never even made it to see Shamu, the manatees or dolphins, Clyde & Seymour, or the stingrays. I guess that is the only thing I like about living in Central Florida. We don't have to cram everything into a few days....we can visit Shamu and Mickey anytime. With only two more weeks until school starts, I guess we need to pay a visit to the Mouse House next week!

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