Sunday, July 19, 2009

On a treasure hunt

Today my sister and I went to the best treasure shop. Some might call this a junk store or thrift shop, but we would highly disagree! Everytime we go we find wonderful things. Look at this FABULOUS vintage yellow pom pom fringe. 4.5 yards for only $1...How can you beat that?
It is sure to make its way into something super funky!
And how about these great zippers! I got over 20 zippers for less than $6! These two are my favorites: the blue one is so old, the original price was only 30 cents and the packaging on the orange one is so RETRO!
The packaging on some of these zippers is so great!

And I got this solid PINE kids desk for only $7.50. The Noodle and his Pappy are going to work on this in the woodshop. It needs a little love, but it is solid. I think they are just going to lightly sand it and put a clear sealer over it. And definately get rid of the girly porcelain knobs!

And before you ask....No, I can not divulge the location of our treasure shop. It is our little secret! I could really spend a fortune there.

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Anonymous said...

The pom pom fringe is divine :) Yes, never share those secret sources!