Monday, July 6, 2009


Over the holiday weekend, I discovered that my sister has the same strange egg obsession that I do! And even mother does it too!
I CAN NOT have an odd amount of eggs in my carton. I just can' is not physically possible for me. I loathe any recipe that calls for an odd number of eggs. I have been known to make egg salad simply to even out the number of eggs left in my carton.
But wait, there is more!
Any remaining eggs in my carton have to be stored in a symmetrical pattern. And the first egg I always use is from the lower right hand compartment.
Why do I do this? Is it hereditary? My mother does this. My sister does this. Do you?

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Rose Red said...

I remembered you said you said you were looking for a peacock chenille blanket. I just found this one on etsy.