Friday, July 10, 2009

Writer's Block

Or maybe, more accurately, crafters block! I have been in a funk this past week, having no desire to sew or craft. Maybe it's because I'm feeling under the weather. Maybe it's because it's summer. Maybe it's because my Noodle is out of school and I can only sew during naps (which are becoming increasingly rare). So, today, in an effort to get my creative juices flowing again, I bought this really cute kids fabric:

And un-sewed this wristlet that had a funky zipper thing going on.

And made this luggage tag for the vacation I am NOT going on anytime soon :(.

And, finally, made this fabric covered beaded necklace.

Tomorrow, I have a big to-do lost: resew my wristler with the now fixed zipper, cut out wipes cases from the cute kids fabric, iron interfacing on a stack out wristlets, and cut out a purse for my mother. Yeah for Saturdays!

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