Thursday, April 15, 2010

My very first tutorial!

I am excited to post my very first tutorial today!

Since I am new to this, please let me know if any of the instructions need clarification.

So I LOVE,LOVE, LOVE fabric headbands!
But I think I have a weird shaped head
because they never stay put.

I've tried several options,
including those found here and here,
but still no luck.

The elastic either slides up the back of my head
or the fabric slips down the back of my head.
The only headbands that stay in place
for me are the narrow metal ones.
But they score a zero on the cuteness factor!

So I decided to solve my problem with
some headband slipcovers!
First, gather up your supplies.
You will need:
narrow metal headband (mine was about 1/8")
2 fabric strips, each measuring 2" wide by at least 15" long
velvet ribbon, measuring 5/8" wide by 13" long
1 Decor-Bond strip measuring same as fabric strips
Typical sewing supplies like thread, sewing machine, scissors, rotary cutter, ruler, and pins

First, measure your headband from end to end (mine measured 15" long)
to determine the length of your fabric strips.
Next cut your fabric strips 2" wide by the
length you just measured.
Following the manufacturers directions, fuse the Decor-Bond
to the piece of fabric that you want on the
outside of your headband.
Next, cut a length of velvet ribbon 2" shorter than your fabric strips.
Center the ribbon on the fabric that is NOT fused with Decor-Bond
and pin in place.
Stitch close to edge down both long edges, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end on each side.
(Do not stitch the ribbon on the short sides.)
This creates a tunnel that you will use to slide your
headband through when you are done.
*Note- The velvet ribbon adds a little friction and helps keep your headband from sliding. You can also use an extra length of fabric or
grosgrain ribbon instead of the velvet ribbon.
Next, measure in 2" from each end and mark.
Then measure in 1/4" from each short side and mark with a dot.
Using your ruler, connect the dots to the line you drew and
trim both fabric strips along the line.
This will taper the headband to make it fit nicely behind your ears.
Now you are ready to sew!
Placing right sides together, pin your two fabric strips together
and sew down both long sides using a 1/4" seam.
Using your favorite method (I use the good old safety pin method),
turn your tube right sides out and press flat.
Edge stitch down both long sides to create a finished look.
Next, finish your headband by running a satin stitch
along the short raw edges.
I set my machine to zig zag and shorten my stitch length.
You are done!
Simply slide your metal headband through the ribbon tunnel to create
a super fabric covered headband.
Now go be cute!

I hope you like my first tutorial.
I hope to have a few more in the near future
so please check back soon :)
p.s. I would have posted pics of me in my new headband
the only other person around today was four
and he is not a great photographer
my roots are showing.
I really need to go buy my red :)

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