Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter My Peeps!

I was driving home from my parents house this evening,
with the bright orange sun sinking in the sky,
when, from the backseat, I heard the Noodle say
"God made the sun."
me: "Yes, buddy, he did."
Noodle: "What else did God do?"
me: "God made the earth and people and animals."
Noodle: "Why did He make people?"
me: "So that we could love and be kind to each other."
Noodle: "Why did He make animals?"
me: "So that they could help people and teach us kindness."
Noodle: "Even elephants? And Bruce the Shark?"
me: "Yes, buddy, even elephants and Bruce the Shark."
Noodle: "What is God going to do next?"
me: "That's a good question."
Noodle: "Can I have a popsicle?"
Explaining God and faith to a four year old - funny and charming!
On a crafty note, I whipped up some super cute bandana pants today.

I am getting ready for a few spring craft shows and I wanted to make
some quick and easy things for boys.
As the mom of a boy, I know it can be frustrating to wander
booth after booth of adorable little girl stuff
and find nothing for little boys.

So to balance out my own booth,
I wanted to have some things for little boys.
I know, I know...there are two pairs of girls pants there too.
The bandanas were too stinkin' cute to pass up!

This week I'll be finishing some messenger style book bags
for preschool boys. I made one for the Noodle and he loves it!
I'll post pics know, in all of my spare time :)

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