Sunday, March 21, 2010


On Saturday I drove from one coast to another.....
from the Atlantic coast to the Gulf coast of Florida that is!
I spent the afternoon at one of my favorite spots
Tarpon Springs

In decades past, Greek immigrants settled in Tarpon Springs where they harvested the sponges growing in the Gulf.
Now, Tarpon Springs is mainly a tourist destination,
chock full of delicious restaurants, charming shops, kitschy Florida souveniers, and sightseeing boat tours.

After a great afternoon at Tarpon Springs
we drove to Anna Maria Island for the beachside wedding of a family friend.

The wedding was to take place at sunset.
We got to the beach at 6 o'clock.

The Noodle ran around for over an hour.
He had a blast and was covered in sand
even in his underwear!

What time, exactly, is sunset?
And finally
the happy couple
And the sunset!
Hope you had a lovely weekend.
And if you get the chance
visit Tarpon Springs
and eat lunch at

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